Specialists in Legal Placements – Attorneys, Legal Secretaries, Legal Advisers, Candidate Attorneys, Paralegals, Analysts, Conveyancers, Receptionists, Directors etc.


Specialist in Logistic Placements – Admin staff, Controllers, Coordinators, Managers and Directors in Import, Export, Distribution, FMCG, Project Logistics and Warehousing.


Specialist in Accounting Placements – Bookkeepers, Debtors, Creditors, Accountants, Chartered Accountants, Clerks, Payroll Administrators, Financial Directors etc.

Why LLA Recruitment?

Focus Fields

We focus mainly on the field of Legal, Logistics and Accounting. We are therefore able to become experts in job specification, narrow down the pool of candidates and screen much faster than generalist recruitment firms.

More effective screening

We prefer video interviews which gives us the opportunity to assess body language, physical characteristics and simulate a face-to-face interview. Since we are narrowed our focus in the labour market, we are able to use customized questionnaires to screen more thoroughly within the job spec.

Recruitment Fees

Our recruitment services are tailor-made not only per client, but per vacancy. Every job has a different level of importance and urgency. We make sure to fee in the same way.


Within our terms and conditions we add a replacement guarantee that insures satisfaction.

One of a kind network

We are subscribed to multiple large databases of active job-seekers. This is only the first level of recruitment. Since we are more focused, we have the ability to keep a closer network of first time job-seekers out of tertiary institutions, keep a personal connection with the most promising candidates and sometimes even look for vacancies for the rarest candidates.

External Evaluations

Although we do not conduct external evaluations ourselves, we are able to recommend the most affordable and most effective service providers (physical and online).

CV Services

We understand that many CVs have to be reviewed to find the correct match for a vacancy. We convert all our candidates’ CVs onto a simple, executive summary template which is easy to read and quick to evaluate. No long-winded paragraphs or unnecessary information.


The economy has become more competitive in the last few decades. Making certain vacancies public can influence profits, share prices, public relations or expose vulnerabilities in a company. We always ask our clients what level of discretion they prefer when advertising a vacancy or disclosing finer details into the labour market. This is especially applicable to public companies, government and high level executives vacancies.


South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) took effect on July 1, 2020 and enforcement began on July 1, 2021. We have therefore implemented stricter protocols to ensure the information protection of our clients and candidates. We welcome any additional procedure requirements. See the POPIA notice on the right.

COVID-19 Relief Promotion
LLA Recruitment - POPIA Notice 2021.07


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