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Most job-seekers are unaware how to present themselves on paper through a comprehensive but summarized curriculum vitae.


CV Services

We offer CV drafting services to optimize your current CV or create it from scratch. 

We compile and submit multiple CV’s every day and know exactly which formats employers prefer to quickly summarize and assess your skills and experience.
Every vacancy attracts multiple CVs from multiple agencies.  Nothing puts off an Employer faster than a CV that is difficult to read, poorly formatted, too long or contains bad grammar. 
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Before you apply

Vacancy deadlines are short.  There are a few preparations to make before you apply.

  • Make sure you have your current certificates and qualifications scanned and ready to share with us.
  • It is difficult to discuss leaving your current place of employment while at the office. If you are unable to make time during office hours, we’ll gladly talk to you after hours.
  • You will need to attend interviews during office hours – therefore you will need to find some time to get away from your office.
  • Have your latest payslips and calculations ready.
  • Do not worry about the rest, we’ll always make sure you know the employer’s interview process in advance.
  • Lastly, please make a list of questions you might have for us.

‘Your CV should be your summarized advertisement. Judgement should be made through an interview.’

Cambré Acker, LLA Recruitment Consultant..

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